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PRETAIL Experience: Shopping for products at concept stage

    It's good for manufacturers, it's amazing for customers! Discover the PRETAIL experience, a new concept that allows people to shop for products or even service at concept stage. According to the developers of PRETAIL this consumption pattern offers the chance for clients to share their intention for purchasing products that had not yet been launched on the mass-market.

    Crowdfunding is the brand new trend in consumerism and it encouraged hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups to contribute to the evolution of shopping. According to the creators of PRETAIL, people from all over the world have the possibility to present new products or services to a super-large group of consumers who can actually PREchase these. Unlike traditional and web-stores, PRETAIL works exclusively in order to match the special needs of consumers.

    With the help of the GLOBAL BRAIN ( the collective intelligence and creativity of numerous people from all over the world), customers have the chance to PREchase products from a nearly infinite stock of inventions. Those who wish to get feedback from PRESUMERS can do it through this amazing crowdfunding platform. There's no need to use consumer polls to predict the success of a product, instead use the GLOBAL BRAIN to see whether you should go on with the development of a certain invention.
    Ambitious entrepreneurs and startups are advised to build a community of supporters and give up on secrecy. Thousands of people have to find out about the benefits and costs of a certain product in order to PREchase it. Trust is also important, those customers who want to avoid having any contact with entrepreneurs who fail to deliver different products should definitely opt for the services of a PRETAIL site. The risk to lose money is low since the number of PRESUMERS is large and criminals can be tracked down really fast.

    In many cases products from the crowdfunding platforms end up in actual stores where people can buy these long after the funders have moved to another invention. Crowd Supply and Christie Street are only some of the most popular PRETAIL websites.

Check more about it here: http://www.trendwatching.com/trends/pretail/

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