April 18, 2012 Posted by Victor in General, Ideas, Trends

Now Trending: Consumers in South and Central America ready to solve social issues

   It's not a secret that countries from South and Central America struggle with poverty and serious social problems. Nowadays, consumers from the growing middle-class decided to initiate a few life-saving projects. Joining the MI CASA ES TU CASA movement or trend is the decision of consumers who feel politically and socially empowered. In the future, hundreds of people from this region will support brands that offer them the possibility to contribute to the solution of serious social issues.

   In order for these projects to succeed, consumers need to have an optimistic view of the future. Making a difference will be their main objective and they'll use their social influence as well as their technological skills to achieve it. The emerging middle-class in these countries plays an essential role in the process of changing the perspective of consumers. More and more online projects emerge that wish to make a positive social impact with the help of a strong message and well-defined goals.

    Social inequality is obvious not only on the streets but also in the online sphere. Consumers use their technological knowledge to show the signs of poverty within society. Moreover, statistics demonstrate that people from South and Central America support companies that give something back to society unlike customers from North America and Europe who consider personal interests more important.

     Non-profit organizations and brands joined forces to create a few of the most popular projects included in the MI CASA ES TU CASA movement. Techo's Build a house with a 'personal' nail or the commercials launched by La Fabrica Del Taco 'Eat so they eat' all illustrate the ever-growing power of this trend. Brand owners who want to join this noble cause should definitely come up with projects that offer the chance for consumers to take active part in the solution of different social issues.

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