March 14, 2013 Posted by Victor in Facts and figures, Ideas, Trends

Now Trending: Consumers Hungry for New Brands

    It's the perfect time for ambitious startups to enter the business sphere with a unique brand! According to statistics and consumer trend polls, people are hungry for new brands and are ready to embrace an innovative shopping experience. Established companies need to compete with the new wave of entrepreneurs who take advantage of the globalization of innovative ideas, the concept of PRETAIL shopping and the need of consumers for unique products.

    Building a brand requires entrepreneurial and marketing skills, creativity and intelligence. To our greatest surprise millions of consumers are ready to trust the policy of numerous new companies especially when it comes to well-established economies like the British, Australian or the Canadian one.

   There are numerous factors that can contribute to the ultimate success of a brand. These days, it's all about sharing. People tell their family and friends about different services and products which builds trust in other consumers. Without a doubt, reviews have taken over the place of advertisements and TV ads.

    Moreover, brands that manage to adapt to the social and ethical standards of the present, land in the spotlight immediately. Companies with a history have difficulties keeping up with the ever-changing expectations of customers. Besides these factors it is also important to keep the business practices and the policy transparent as well as to offer customers the chance to contribute to the development of certain products. The revolution of consumerism brings a new shopping experience.

    Entrepreneurs who want to build a strong and world-wide-known brand should definitely think about creating an identity for their brand. Professionals teach us about the importance of an authentic voice, understandable and catchy campaigns as well as the importance of a strong connection with consumers.

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