August 12, 2012 Posted by Victor in Frameworks & Tools, General, Projects

My Flubit Journey Part II

Read the original post here: http://blog.flubit.com/flubit-life-victor-spinei-development-manager/

Still at Flubit, still working really hard to keep the pace with the speed-of-light changes in the e-commerce market! On the verge of launching the new flubit 3.0., the team is ready to use to launch a brand new and improved interface design, development approach and an innovative business model. Our experts are using database technologies, new frameworks, servers and APIs as well as sub-versioning systems to guarantee the success of Flubit 3.0 among e-commerce fans.

The original website reveals the primary objectives of Flubit and it also provides customers with clear information on how to use this amazing e-commerce service. Numerous experiments and the testing phase allowed us to define the actual motto of the company : 'build-measure-learn'.

Working on Flubit 3.0 made us realize that it was important to work together as a team, have frequent releases and receive feedback from everyone who is involved in this great project. Moreover, our team of programmers succeeded in building a complete system based on an extended PHP Framework.

The customers' demands and the aim to build effective deals became major priorities. Building the new app and designing an original and at the same time usable interface required long hours of data collection, programming and visitor tracking.

Our marketing campaign with an amazing and funny video presented on www.flubit.com reveals our passion and enthusiasm for releasing the new flubit 3.0.

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