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The online gaming industry has grown the last years significantly because more and more sites are offering games to the public at large. Not only you will find these games on specific games portals like Miniclip, GamesGames, and Pogo, but you will find more of these games in social communities like for example

Every day millions of games are being played online and therefore lots of companies did start to develop online games.The companies are located all over the globe, from China to USA, from Holland to India.

With boom of the online gaming a new market is born. Now, tens of thousands of students and migrant workers make a living across the world by playing online games and selling the resulting virtual assets to wealthier players. A growing number of crowd-sourcing and ‘microwork’ platforms employ unskilled workers in digital tasks ranging from pattern recognition to data input. This ‘virtual economy’ of digital goods and services are the subject of this infographic.

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