August 15, 2011 Posted by Victor in Facts and figures, Social Media, Trends

Infographic: The rise of online deal seeking and couponing

The impact of the social Web is growing day after day, one deal after another. Now we’re moving from the online window shopping to finding awesome daily deals without leaving the comfort of home.

Many of us might not see it (fortunately, I live it) because we’re not exposed to it – it’s not necessary in our everyday lives (yet). But there’s a whole lot going on out there in the social world – group buying and daily deals being one area – that’s slowly expanded beyond general sites, into niche interests.

But does group buying give us an incentive to otherwise buy things we normally wouldn’t? Do daily deals make us feel as if we have to act immediately to get the best deal, even if it’s not something we necessarily need?

Infographic: The rise of crowd shopping

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