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Design a Site Structure That Search Engines and Visitors will Notice

Creators of the most popular websites had in mind not only the latest tech trends but also the special needs of visitors. What makes a site structure noticeable for search engines and people in general? The visually appealing design, easy-navigation and the overall organization of information are only some of the most important factors every web designer should have in mind before starting to build a webpage.

   Read through these useful tips to create a user-friendly site structure:

  1.  The 'hierarchical' organization of information is essential in order to offer visitors the chance to process information more efficiently. The structure of a website resembles the structure of a tree with a homepage and numerous subpages.
  2. It is also important to structure the information presented on the site according to the expectations of visitors. Make several tests to identify the goals of the target audience, the objectives of the site as well as the basic website requirements.
  3. The next step is to organize the content of your site into various categories and sections. Visualize the whole structure by using different graphics. Start with the general topics of the website which appear in the head sections. Use keyword research tools to see the most sought-after terms and words you can use in the structure of your website.
  4. Avoid creating artistic sites that concentrate on visual effects instead of the functionality of various sections. Opt for a professional design that increases the credibility of a product or a company.
  5. Don't forget about SEO either which helps you make the website visible for search engines. Create XML and public sitemaps for your site and use keywords that feature on the top of the keywords search lists. Poorly designed web-pages can ruin the reputation of products and various services.

Successful web designers know how to synch all information and build a user- and search engine-friendly site.

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