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Why I love London is so obvious, it is just an astonishing experience. It is a city of colour and contrast, of ancient history and 21st century modernity, a melting pot of the world’s cultures and nationalities and there is absolutely no better option than London to work, learn and live.

Why Ealing?

  1. It is very well connected to the Central London. You can reach London Paddington in minutes.
  2. It's fun and fresh, with music festivals in the summer (check Walpole and Gunnersbury parks): Beer Festival, Blues Festival, Comedy Festival, Global Festival, Jazz Festival, Opera in the Park ...
  3. It's green and peaceful, an quite and clean place to live. Even if it's few miles from the center of London I have found woodlands and meadows providing a haven for wildlife, formal gardens and local playgrounds. Check for yourself.
  4. It's all about shopping, from big name stores (Tkmaxx rules!) to independent and specialist shops, markets, restaurant and pubs. It's Monty Python's Flying Circus & Ealing Comedies home.
  5. I also like the cool and noisy East London, especially Shoreditch, still I prefer a quiet and green place to call home.

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