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Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

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   Attending a fascinating seminar named Website conversion optimization Master class at the Google Campus made me think of the fact that it is really difficult to learn how to turn visitors of a website into actual customers, who'll come back for the same experience over and over again. Experts in web analytics and digital marketing decided to open the eyes of website owners to a few frequent and fortunately fixable problems.

     CRO (Conversion rate optimization) starts with the unique and memorable experience offered to visitors in the first 7 seconds on a website. However, it is also essential to think of the cognitive principles, the methods to improve the design of the webpage as well as to consider the dangers of usability.

     The team at Flubit offered a few innovative principles on how to handle the process of conversion optimization:

  1. 1.      Being relevant
  2. 2.      Understanding user intent
  3. 3.      Using graphical calls to action (CTAs)
  4. 4.      Evoking trust

 These are only some of the most important factors taken into consideration while designing the interface and app for Flubit. It is always nice to learn new things and realize that our team managed to discover some of the secrets of conversion rate optimization. Website effectiveness is extremely important if you want to attract visitors that could became customers who use your e-commerce service. Learning what clients really want is a long and fascinating process.

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