July 18, 2012 Posted by Victor in General, Projects

About myself & the Flubit adventure

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Fact:  You can change the mentality of people only with few improvements in their standard of living. Societies under Communist rule definitely teach you that!

As an innovator, a developer, a hacker, an agile manager and most of all a devoted early adopter, I decided to follow my dreams and join the team of Flubit.com in June 2011. This extremely creative and loving community offered me the chance to experiment with new projects and meet the greatest and the most promising innovators and entrepreneurs of our time.

At Flubit we're working really hard to offer a new and memorable online ecommerce experience to customers. This project aims to help people save money and time on a short and long term. So, I've decided to join this adventure, to learn more and experiment with smaller or more complex assignments that could change my life and the perspective of thousands of people from all over the world. I hope, the creativity and enthusiasm of team members here at www.flubit.com will load me with enough energy to continue working on this amazing project. Teamwork based on less bureaucracy and more connectivity and communication offered me the chance to thrive and use all my innovative ideas for a good deed that could change our ecommerce-addicted society.

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