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May 9, 20127 years ago

Social networking goes niche

The next big thing in social networks might just be small. A demand for more specific social networks could be a natural outgrowth of MySpace and Friendster's popularity.

Niche social networks organized around a particular hobby, like pets, or interests such as traveling or shopping are gaining traction with consumers and advertisers alike.  Read more

July 4, 20118 years ago

Google+ and Facebook soap opera?

The new social networking service coming this time from Google is called Google+. Even if is in invite-only testing phase the rumors, debates and jokes started. Read more

April 9, 20118 years ago

Brands Pursue the Social Consumer

"Marketing is too important to be left to marketers..."  
The same goes for social media. The best way to destroy or to build trust through social media participation is to treat it as just another marketing exercise.

A recent study showed that social media marketing accounts for 64% of the roles of employees at ad agencies.   Read more

March 9, 20118 years ago

How healthy is social networking?

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives, and like any situation, has two sides. On the one side it could represent time consumption, distraction, overwhelm, gossip, obligation, unrealistic expectations, false assumptions, social masking, repression and on the other side it could provide an opportunity for growth, advancement and new relations.

No group feels its impact more than students. Facebook started on college campuses and it continues to thrive there with 96% of students using Facebook. Read more