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August 12, 20126 years ago

My Flubit Journey Part II

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Still at Flubit, still working really hard to keep the pace with the speed-of-light changes in the e-commerce market! On the verge of launching the new flubit 3.0., the team is ready to use to launch a brand new and improved interface design, development approach and an innovative business model. Our experts are using database technologies, new frameworks, servers and APIs as well as sub-versioning systems to guarantee the success of Flubit 3.0 among e-commerce fans. Read more

July 18, 20126 years ago

About myself & the Flubit adventure

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Fact:  You can change the mentality of people only with few improvements in their standard of living. Societies under Communist rule definitely teach you that! Read more

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June 2, 20126 years ago

PGP generator

This is a little test on how to use PGP keys.


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January 31, 20127 years ago

Before you buy it, Flubit!

Currently I am working in a very cool environment for a company called Flubit Limited, an eCommerce start up based in East London.

As senior developer and project manager, my role here is to develop, plan, manage, test and launch various features:

- from enabling the Java Script front end interface to programming the various functions of the website in PHP OOP
- from research solutions to the implementations of the technologies that will enable the scaling of the applications (like using Sphinx for better, faster MySQL usage)
- from innovating and planning of new functions for the Flubit platform to developing to implementation...