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My strongest skill-set and passion is for User Interface and the use of GUI development and design tools.
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Creative thinking starts with good observation.

My objective is to identify the audience's needs, goals, challenges they face, and develop a compelling design that will create a memorable experience.
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Programming small or huge websites

Programming from scratch allows complete flexibility and control over the look, functionality and expandability of the website.
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Flash is still alive

The viral campaigns can be edgy, surprising, original, sexy and emotional. Flash is a great solution, flexible enough so we can create any graphics and establish easy a new environment for your viral campaign. Now available for mobiles.
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Now in London!

Living now in Center London, Westminster Council, relocated from the beautiful Ealing
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Before you buy it, Flubit!

"All we want to do is save you money on everything you buy, and soon we hope to be doing it for so many people that we are in turn saving the world.
Our proposition to you is simple: Tell us what you want to buy, and we'll generate you a Flub Deal within 24 working hours at a price lower than the one you found."
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Designed for everyone, everywhere.

Bootstrap provides a modern framework that you can hand over to a designer and say "make this look fancy!" without them hacking their way through the code.
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Hi, I'm Victor

I'm a freelance product manager and developer, with a strong blend of technical, analytical, project management and communication skills

I also provide bespoke advisory service to start-ups, giving clear direction and guidance on how to maximise the potential of the business idea.

London freelancer

Currently living in Central London, I am working as both freelance contractor and with my team for clients around the world under the Bobcat Lab label

I am independently leading projects in providing breakthrough products and services that satisfy unmet customer needs.

Skills and tools

Active in the online marketing and development business for more than 15 years, I have worn many hats. (check here)

Now I am focused in providing consultation and advice on solutions and technology feasibility and also aim to deliver creative and innovative solutions to business problems.


I enjoy my work, design well, develop accessible and standards-based apps, learn something new everyday, and treat others with the utmost respect.

My goal is solving valuable problems by creating innovative products (managing concept design, launch, and product management for this solutions).

July 18, 20136 years ago

Refactoring code?

Refactoring is a law of nature for any Agile project as changing requirements are a fundamental assumption of Scrum (and other Agile processes).
For example for Scrum teams, in the early Sprints (iteration), there will not be time to build the entire robust infrastructure that the final product will require. However, the full product will almost certainly require a larger, more powerful, more robust infrastructure. Read more

June 25, 20136 years ago

Wearable Activity Trackers: Jawbone UP vs Fitbit Flex

  Get physical with two of the most popular wearable activity trackers. This Jawbone UP vs Fitbit Flex review offers useful information on the structure and functionality of these two hip products. Wear these tech accessories on your wrist to monitor how active you are during the day. Read more

June 22, 20136 years ago

Tips for PHP Developers

Highly-acclaimed sites like Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP as the best web development language. Those who are at the beginning of their PHP developer career should definitely skim through these time- and energy-saving tips and tricks offered by professionals.
Read more

March 14, 20136 years ago

Now Trending: Consumers Hungry for New Brands

    It's the perfect time for ambitious startups to enter the business sphere with a unique brand! According to statistics and consumer trend polls, people are hungry for new brands and are ready to embrace an innovative shopping experience. Established companies need to compete with the new wave of entrepreneurs who take advantage of the globalization of innovative ideas, the concept of PRETAIL shopping and the need of consumers for unique products. Read more


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